ACBL Unit 512


I hope Lewis Carroll won't mind that I borrowed his wonderful phrase, so appropriate with NABCs only 26 days away.  And I hope it caught your attention!

Desks requiring volunteers are Registration, Partnership, Prizes and Intermediate/Newcomers.   The jobs are easy, no training required!   

The response thus far for volunteers has been incredible with so many of you having already chosen a time to contribute to the success of our San Francisco Nationals.  I send my sincere thanks and look forward to meeting you at the Marriott.   For those of you who are finalizing your plans and still intend to volunteer, please look at the schedule and choose your time.   

Our greatest need is the 6:00-7:15 time slot, every day.   If you are playing the 1:00 and 7:30 schedule there is plenty of time to grab a meal and still volunteer, so please considering helping out.  And later in the week, Thursday through Saturday, we need volunteers in all the time slots.    

Please go to SignUp Genius and choose a slot that best suits you.  I am available to answer any questions and thank you in advance for participating in District 21's NABC.

See you in San Francisco!   

Sigrid Price, Volunteer Chair, SF NABC Committee,   707-486-1517